Have you decided to buy a house but are a little nervous because you don’t know what to do next? In this video, I’m going to summarize the home buying process from beginning to end so you know exactly what to expect. By understanding the 9 steps of buying a home, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to grab a good deal and make the best decision.

The 9 Steps Of The Home Buying Process

If you're like 99% of people that have decided to purchase a home, you’re probably nervous and confused about the process.  These steps will give you a good overview of what’s coming so you’ll be ready to act and make a decision. The good deals go quick, and when a good deal hits the market you might not have time to do research later on. Thankfully, the process of buying a home is pretty straight forward once you break it down into steps.

Step 1: Choose a real estate agent. You'll want someone comfortable in the area you're searching in, with plenty of experience selling real estate.

Step 2: Pick a lender. If you don't have a lender you're comfortable with, I'm happy to give you recommendations of lenders that I've been using for 15 plus years.

Step 3: Get approved for your loan. You'll need to sit down with your lender, go over all the paperwork that's required, and get approved for the loan that you'll use to buy the house.

Step 4: Determine your wants and needs. You’ll need to sort out your wants and needs in the house you're looking for. I would suggest you watch my other video on using an exercise called The Buyer's Triangle. It will walk you through how to determine your wants and needs and what you should be looking for in your next home.

Step 5: Go shopping. This is where we’ll go look at some homes and find the right one for you.

Step 6: Submit an offer. When you find a house you like, let's submit an offer. We’ll sit down and discuss what you need to do to write the offer, making it the strongest offer possible for the market conditions that we're in.

Step 7: Complete your home inspections. There’s an inspection period after your offer is accepted, and we want to get in there and take a deep look at the condition of the property. I can help you with figuring out which inspections to have done as well as the best inspectors to work with—as I know many that I've been using for years. I’ll happily recommend inspectors I trust if you need one.

Step 8: Get an appraisal and finalize your loan. Throughout the entire process, your lender's going to be asking you for lots of documentation. It's very important that when they ask, you get that documentation to them as quickly as you can. They will also be ordering an appraisal. The bank that's giving you the loan wants to make sure that the house is truly worth what we've offered.

Step 9: Close the purchase and start moving in. The closing process will include you going to the title company and signing all of your final documents. The title company will then record the deed at the county that transfers ownership into your name. At that point, the house is yours and it's time to move in.

Making Educated Buying Decisions

While the home buying process might not seem complicated, there is a tremendous amount to do at every step. I'll walk you through everything and keep you on track to make sure we don't miss any steps. My buyer's education series is designed to educate you on the entire process from start to finish, with the goal of making you the most educated buyer in the market. You can check out the other videos in my buyer's education series by clicking here.

As the Adopt A Dog realtor, with every home I sell, I sponsor a dog's adoption at the Front Street Animal Shelter. So remember that if I help you buy a home, not only will you be finding a great house but you'll be helping a dog get out of the shelter and into its new backyard. Do you have other questions? Please reach out. I'm always happy to help!